Ronald L. Stuckey Herbarium Archives


Historical documentation of the activities and accomplishments of the botanical sciences at Ohio State University, with emphasis on systematic botany and the herbarium.


To document the history and accomplishments of the Herbarium, the Department of Botany, the Department of Plant Biology, and botanists in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology of Ohio State University, and to make this information available to the university community and interested scholars nationally and internationally.

Dedication of the Ronald L. Stuckey Archives

The formation of the Herbarium Archives was developed by the foresight and industry of Ronald L. Stuckey, former Professor of the Department of Botany at Ohio State. Dr. Stuckey had a deep interest in the historical development of botany at the University, as well as in the history of botanists of the Ohio region. He served as the unofficial archivist of the Department of Botany for decades, and retiring faculty members donated materials to him for curation. The quantity and quality of these materials is impressive, which provided the impetus for development of the archives project within the Herbarium. It is proper that these archives are named for Prof. Stuckey, and this occurred in a ceremony on 14 June 2019.

Acquisitions Policy

The Herbarium Archives contains items from the founding of the Ohio State University Herbarium in 1891 to the present. Types of materials include papers, publications, audiovisual materials, photographic images, administration files, reports, and artifacts.

Materials typically come by donation to the Herbarium Archives from Professors and their families, students, associates, and botanists from other institutions. Normally, raw data, personal research notes, or manuscript drafts generated in the course of research investigations are not accepted. However, research collections of an unusual nature, judged unduplicated elsewhere and of value for stimulating additional research, may be accepted.

Regulations for Use of Archives

The Ronald L. Stuckey Herbarium Archives are open to the public who seek information of general interest and for research purposes. Use of the Archives requires help from the Herbarium staff, who will locate the items of interest and provide a suitable desk space for them to be examined or photographed (with permission). Facilities are available for making copies of documents. Inquiries regarding specific holdings are welcomed (Tel: 614-292-3296; email:; Herbarium, Museum of Biological Diversity, The Ohio State University, 1315 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212, U.S.A.).


The Ronald L. Stuckey Herbarium Archives are housed within the Ohio State University Herbarium in Room 1350r. The room contains file cabinets, metal and wooden double door cabinets, open book cases, horizontal storage file cabinets (shelf-units), a hanging wall chart cabinet, a map cabinet, and a work desk.

The information housed in the Archives begins with the founding of the Herbarium in 1891 and continues to the present day. The file cabinets house information pertaining to the administration of the Herbarium (by administration), miscellaneous topics, and several drawers containing vertical files on more than 360 individuals, principally professors, students, and associates of the Department of Botany and Herbarium, plus items on many other botanists world-wide. These provide quick access to information for many persons. The larger cabinets and shelves contain boxes and assorted collections for persons who have substantially more items.

FILING CABINETS (vertical files)

Filing cabinet A

Stuessy Herbarium Administration (1980-1995), 2 drawers.

Stuckey Herbarium Administration (1967-1976)

Miscellaneous (College of Biological Sciences, Museum of Biological Diversity, etc.)

Filing cabinet B

Herbarium – General


Chilean Convenio


University of California, Berkeley, botanical history

Filing cabinet C

Alphabetically ordered set of vertical files on individual botanists, principally from Ohio, but

including many others. These files contain mainly biographic information, but also reprints,

news clippings, photographs, letters, etc.

Abbayes, H. N. des
Adams, A.

Alban, E. K.

Alford, M. H.

Anderson, D. R.

Andreas, B. K.

Anliot, S. F.

Arriagada, J. E.

Arthur, J. C.

Balogh, G. R.

Banks, H.

Bartley, F.

Bay, J. C.

Beardsley, H. C.

Beatley, J. C. – see main collections for additional materials

Berkeley, E.

Berra, T.

Biddlecome, H. J.

Bissell, J.

Blackwell, W. H., Jr.

Blaydes, G. – see main collections for additional materials

Bodley, R. L.

Boerner, R. E. J.

Bogue, E. E.

Bohm, B.

Bohning, R. H.

Boomgarden, W.

Braun, E. L.

Brockett, R. E.

Brown, H. J.

Brown, H. P.

Brunken, J. N.

Burk, W. R.

Bruner, J.

Burley, J. W. A.

Buttles, J.

Cabrera, A. L.

Cain, S. A.

Calland, J. W.

Camp, W. H. – see main collections for additional materials

Cavender, J.

Chadwick, L. C.

Chapman, A. G.

Chapman, A. W.

Chapman, F. B.

Chase, A.

Cheesman, T. F.

Cho, D. S.

Cichan, M. – materials only in map cabinet drawer #1

Claypole, E. W.

Cline, M.

Colden, J.

Colinvaux, L.

Colinvaux, P.

Compton, L. A. – see weed seed collection in map cabinet drawer # 1

Conrey, G. W.

Cooke, J.

Cooke, W. B. – see main collections for additional materials, plus map cabinet drawer # 9

Cooley, G.

Cooperrider, T. S.

Copeland, E. B.

Core, E. L.

Cotton, E. C.

Coulter, J. M.

Cowles, H. C.

Coyle, E. A.

Craig, M.

Crawford, D. J.

Creamer, D. B.

Crisci, J. V.

Cronquist, A.

Crovello, T. J.

Crowl, G.

Cruden, R. W.

Cunningham, J. F.

Curtis, P.

Cusick, A. W.

Dachnowski, A.

Dallinger, W. H.

Dambach, C. A.

Deam, C.

Decker, J.

De Selm, H. R. – see main collections for additional materials

Detmers, F.

Devol, W. S.

DeVore, M.

Dickason, F. G.

Dickey, M. G.

Diller, O. D.

Dobbins, R. A.

Dodge, C. W.

Dresbach, M.

Dufour, A.

Duncan, T. O. – see main collections for additional materials

Durrell, L. W.

Edwards, L. F.

Elfner, L. E.

Ellett, C. W.

Eshbaugh, W. H.

Estabrook, G.

Evans, M.

Everett, T. H.

Ewan, J.

Fassett, N. C.

Fink, B.

Fischer, W.

Fisher, T. R.

Floyd, G.

Foote, A. E.

Forsyth, J. L.

Frederick, C. M.

Frederick, J. W.

Frederick, V. R.

Freudenstein, J. V.

Frodin, D. G.

Fulmer, E. L.

Funk, V. A.

Furlow, J. J.

Gara, B. D.

Garraway, M. O.

Geiger, D. R.

Geitler, L.

Giesey, R. M.

Gilbert, G.

Gleason, H. A.

Glenn, J.

Glenny, F. H. – see additional items in map cabinet, drawer #1

Goodale, G. L.

Goodrich, S. F.

Gordon, R. B. – see main collections for additional materials

Grau, J.

Gray, A.

Gray, W.

Greulach, V. A.

Griggs, R. F. – see main collections for additional materials

Gross, K. L.

Hambleton, J. C.

Harriman, N. A.

Haynes, R. R.

Heffner, G. A.

Hendrix, J. E.

Herrik, E. M.

Herter, A. A.

Hesler, L. R.

Heywood, V. H.

Hicks, L. E.

Higby (Budd), J. A.

Hillis-Colinvaux, L.

Hitchcock, A. S.

Holtum, R. E.

Hoops, H. J.

Hopkins, L. S.

Hoshaw, R. W.

Hough, R. B.

Humphrey, S. S.

Iltis, H.

Irwin, N. M.

Jacobs, W. C.

James, J. F.

Jennings, O. E.

Jensen, W. A.

Johnson, T. J. – see main collections for additional materials

Jones, C. – see main collections for additional materials

Jones, G. (Oberlin College)

Kalinsky, R. G.

Kearney, T. H.

Kellerman, K. F. [son of W. A. Kellerman] – see also map cabinet drawer # 2

Kellerman, W. A. – see main collections for additional materials, plus map cabinet drawer # 2

Kellerman, M. [daughter of W. A. Kellerman]

Kellerman, Mrs. W. A. (Stella Victoria Dennis; wife of W. A. Kellerman)

Kerr, S. A.

Kim, S.-C.

King, C.

Kirtland, J. P.

Klikoff, L. G.

Koch, A. R.

Koffler, A. H.

Kormondy, E. J.

Kramer, D. W.

Kramer, P. J.

Lammers, T. G.

Lampe, L. – see main collections for additional materials

Lamson-Scribner, F.

Langlois, T. H.

Laufersweiler, J.

Lawrence, G. H. M.

Lawton, E.

Lazenby, W. R.

Leister, G.

Leonard, J.

Leonard, M.

Les, D. H.

Lewis, L. A.

Lipscomb, B.

Little, E. L., Jr.

Long, R. W.

Lorenz, R. C.

Lowden, R. M. – see main collections for additional materials

Mabry, T. J.

Macmillan, A. M.

Marie-Victorin, R. F.

McClintock, B.

McQuate, A.

McVaugh, R.

Mark, C. G.

Marsh, J.

Masser, I. E.

McAvoy, B.

McClure, F. A.

Menon, S. K.

Meyer, B. S. – see main collections for additional materials

Mickle, J. E.

Millardet, P.-M.-A.

Miller, C. E.

Miller, E. M.

Mitchell, E. M.

Mitra, S. K.

Moldenke, H. N.

Moore, D. M.

Morgan, A. P.

Morse, W. C.

Morton, J.

Moseley, E. L.

Murdoch, F.

Naskali, R. J.

Nesom, G.

Noblick, L.

Nordenstam, B.

Norlindh, T.

Norris, F. H.

Nuttall, T.

Ochoa, C.

Ornduff, R.

Ortega, J. C.

Osbourne, J.

Paddock, E. F. – see main collections under Paddock for records of Northern Garden Club of


Pammel, L. H.

Parrot, G. H.

Perry, E. B.

Pilatowski, R.

Pinkava, D. J.

Pfiester, L. A.

Platt, R. S., Jr.

Popham, R. – see main collections for additional materials

Potzger, J. E.

Racine, C. H.

Rafinesque, C.

Raghavan, V.

Ramey, R.

Rathke, D. E.

Raven, P. H.

Reynolds, J.

Roberts, M.

Riddle, L. C.

Riley, C. V.

Rodgers, A. D., III

Rogers, D. P.

Rudolph, A.

Rudolph, E. D. – see main collections for additional materials, plus map cabinet drawer # 10

Roth, C.

Ruiz, E. A.

Runnels, H. A.

Rypma, R. B.

Sack, F.

Sampson, H. C. – see main collections for additional materials

Sang, T.

Sayre, J. D.

Schaal, B.

Schaffner, J. H. – see main collections for additional materials; see also map cabinet drawers # 2

and 3

Schmidt, J.

Schuer, H. W.

Schofield, Edmund

Schofield, Eileen

Scofield, H. T.

Sculthorpe, C. D.

Sears, P. B.

Segelken, J. G.

Sells, W.

Seymour, R.

Shanks, R. E.

Shantz, H. L.

Sharp, A. J.

Sharp, E. K. (Dooris)

Shinners, L. H.

Showman, R. E.

Shreve, F.

Sigafoos, R. S.

Simpson, B. B.

Skvarla, J. J.

Slingerland, M. V.

Smith, B. A.

Smith, J.

Smith, T.

Smyth, L. C. (Riddle)

Snow, A.

Snyder, R. E.

Spence, E. J. (Edmondson)

Spooner, D. M.

Stebbins, G. L., Jr.

Stevens, F. L.

Stickney, M. E.

Stockberger, W. W.

Stover, E. L.

Stover, W. G.

Stuckey, R. L. – see main collections for additional materials, plus map cabinet drawer # 9

Stuessy, T. F. – see main collections for additional materials

Sullivant, E. G. (Wheeler)

Sullivant, W. S.

Sundberg, S.

Swanson, C. A.

Sweeney, R. A.

Swingle, W. T.

Taft, C. – see main collections for additional materials

Taft, C. E.

Taylor, E.

Taylor, M. A.

Taylor, T. N.

Taylor-Lehman, J.

Thieret, J. W.

Thomas, E. S.

Thompson, H. C.

Thompson, I.

Thut, H. F.

Tiffany, L. H. – see main collections for additional materials

Tight, W. G.

Townshend, N. S.

Transeau, E. N. – see main collections for additional materials

Trelease, W.

True, H. L.

Turner, B. L.

Tyler, F. J.

Tyler, H. G. (Burr)

Underwood, L. M.

Van Steenis, C. G. G. J.

Verduin, J.

Verrill, A. E.

Vorys, A. I.

Voss, E.

Wagner, T.

Wagner, W. H.

Waller, A. E. – see main collections for additional materials

Warmbrodt, R. T.

Wareham, R.

Waterman, A. H. (Mrs. E. D. Rudolph)

Weishaupt, C. – see main collections for additional materials

Wen, J.

Went, F. W.

Wentz, W. A.

Werner, W. C.

Werthner, W. B.

Wherry, E. J.

Whitfield, R. P.

Whitkus, R.

Wiesner, J.

Wilcox, E. M.

Wilder, P. (Wickliff)

Williams, P. E. (Waugh)

Willard, C. J.

Wistendahl, W.

Wolfe, A.

Wolfe, J. N. – see main collections for additional materials

Wright, A. A.

Wu, P. C.

Yoder, L.

York, H. H.

Young, D. C.

Young, H. C.

Young, S. B.


These book cases, cabinets, and shelf-units house the more extensive collections from individuals plus the history of the Herbarium and the Department of Botany at Ohio State. The materials derive principally from past faculty members in Botany at Ohio State, plus from other persons who have contributed substantially to the growth and development of the OSU Herbarium (e.g., Janice Beatley, Bridge Cooke). These collections are arranged in the archives room alphabetically by the last name of the person.

For each person, in addition to the materials listed below, additional documents may be located in the Filing Cabinet C (vertical files).

Beatley, Janice

Box 1

Correspondence (alphabetical; including many letters with Peter


Endangered species of Nevada test site

Box 2

CV (1985)

Reprints (hers)

Biographical materials

Wintergreen manuscripts (M.S. thesis, Ohio State, 1948)

Temperature trends in Ohio (report for Bot. 701, 1944)

Specialists for identifications (Nevada Test Site)

Course materials, Principles of Ecology, Biol. 690, 1977, University of Cincinnati

Jackson Co., Ohio, field trip materials

Box 3

Manuscript for Vascular Plants of the Nevada Test Site, 1976

Maps of the Nevada Test Site and vicinity of the Colorado River Basin

Preliminary Report: Trinity Survey Program, August 1947, Soils Section, Alamogordo, AEC

Biological/Environmental Relationships in Desert Ecosystems of the Nevada Test Site




Progress reports



Larrea germination studies

ACDA Workshop

Reprint recipient lists

Field sensors

Box 4

Research materials and manuscripts

Box 5

Notebooks of field and research materials: Materials on Sphaeralcea (Malvaceae). Looseleaf


Plot data notebook for use in the field. Contains: 1) Max.-Min. temperatures; 2) precipitation.

Looseleaf binder

Ecology and Geographic Distributions of the Vascular Plants of the Nevada Test Site and Central-

Southern Nevada. About 248 pp. Typescript. Looseleaf binder.

Blaydes, Glenn

Vertical file boxes – Correspondence I and II (alphabetical)

Box 1

Biographical materials

Course materials for morphology

Notes from Schaffner course



Box 2

Course materials for Botany 614

Camp, Wendell H.

Box 1

Biographical materials


Unpublished writings

Cooke, William Bridge

Shelf 1


2 X 2 slides (travels, fungi, etc.)

Fungal microscope slides

Biographical items

Publications ordered chronologically

Shelf 2


Personal books and items


Certificates and citations


Shelf 3

Mushroom memorabilia

Replicator (for transferring fungal cultures)


Shelf 4

Mt. Shasta scrapbooks

Shelf 5

Compound microscope

Microscope supplies

Religious studies

Biographical materials

Photos and certificates

De Selm, Hal

Box 1

Reprints (chronological)

Duncan, Thomas O.

Box 1





Box 2

SMASCH (System of Management for Southern California Herbaria)

IT projects

Box 3

Correspondence (sorted alphabetically)

Box 4


Box 5

Main professional files (sorted by publications, contracts, appointments, research projects,

herbarium, etc.)


University of California (Berkeley) Herbarium review (1986)

Working copy of Ohio Academy of Sciences issue on Paul Sears

Gordon, Robert B.

Box 1


Reprints, etc.

Griggs, Robert Fiske

Box 1


Johnson, Tillman

Box 1

Course materials used for systematic botany with John Schaffner (as professor).

Jones, Clyde

Box 1


Course notes


Research materials

Unpublished writings

Kellerman, William Ashbrook

Box 1

Fungi and people (photos and glass plates – to be sorted)

Box 2

Biographical materials

Columbian exposition 1893

Box 3



Biographical information

Box 4

Guatemala (notes, receipts, collecting booklets)

Box 5

Mycology class notes

Stover reprint

Box 6



Separates (papers)

Duplicate reprints (by category)

Box 7

Camera and bowl

Stanley B. Stowe

Class notes


Box 8

Photos of plants and landscapes, Ohio State University campus, Cedar Point, etc.


Kellerman letters

Accession book (1891-1905)

Kellerman books

Revised Catalogue of Ohio Vascular Plants

Lampe, Lois (Zimmerman)

Box 1

AAAS 1939-1940 (Columbus)

AIBS 1950 (Columbus)

Botanical Society of America 1928


Box 2

To be sorted

Box 3

Sigma Delta Epsilon


General (two folders)

National council

National officers

Fellowship fund



Meeting minutes

Member letters

Membership data

National convention

Newsletters (2 folders)

OSU chapter activities


Characteristics of angiosperm families

Dicotylae syllabus (typed)

Engler and Schaffner systems of classification

Historic houses of early America

Lampe papers

Notes for report of research (1960)



Box 4

Notes on Bessey and Schaffner course materials

Glass lantern slides

Sigma Delta Epsilon

Box 5



Corn research



Grade school


Research Duty

Science Mobilization Bill

Scientific illustrations list

Scientific writings


The Gorilla’s Story

Woman of the week, Dec. 22, 1940

W.O.S.U. (radio station)


Societies list (scientific)



Biology Club

Faculty Woman’s Club

Ohio Academy of Science

Phi Epsilon Phi

Plant Institute – secretary

Sigma Delta Epsilon

Sigma Xi

Social organizations

Society of Arts and Letters

Vocational Information Conference Committee

Magnifier (glass bar)

Lowden, Richard M.

Box 1

Flora of Franklin Co., Ohio

Box 2

Flora of Franklin Co., Ohio

Box 3

Flora of Franklin Co., Ohio

Box 4

2 x 2 slides

Kellerman article (Taxon)


Meyer, Bernard S.

Box 1

Publications (his own reprints)

Notes for teaching

Vertical files (folders on general topics)

Box 2

Students (M.S. and Ph.D.) – notes, theses, correspondence.

2 X 2 slides (vacations) – West Indies, California, Selkirk Range (B.C., Canada).

Popham, Richard

Box 1

Biographical materials


Glass lantern slides (4 small boxes)

Key to the genera of the Compositales (typescript, 1938)

Laboratory Notebook, Developmental Plant Anatomy (1963)

Reprints (chronological)

Rudolph, Emanuel D.

Box 1


Publication lists: All the following lists by W. R. Burk are in one initial folder, which precedes

the folders of the reprints.

Chronologically Arranged Published Writings, except Book Reviews

Published and Unpublished Writings on Polar Science

Published and Unpublished Writings on Botany

Published and Unpublished Writings on History of Botany and Biology

List of Published and Unpublished Writings on Other Sciences

List of Book Reviews by Emanuel David Rudolph

List of Journals in which Emanuel D. Rudolph Wrote Book Reviews (in Descending Order)

List of Published and Unpublished Writings on Other Sciences


Reprints (8 folders)


Book reviews

Theses and dissertations written under Rudolph’s supervision.


Publications on the Life and Work of Emanuel D. Rudolph and Ann W. Rudolph [no date]

Obituaries and printed biographical sketches

Miscellaneous biographical data assembled by Stuckey and Burk.

Personal data

Who’s Who in the Midwest, 1992-1993.

Official announcement of death; newspaper accounts of fatal accident; notice of memorial

service; last will and testament; endowments; estate sales.

Biographical materials relating to Rudolph’s high school science teacher, Phyllis S. Busch.

Professional records

Professional records, pre-1990.

Quarterly Activity Reports.

Professional records, 1990.

Professional records, 1991.


Box 2


Letter of certification for the Emanuel D. Rudolph Botanical Fund; signed by Madison H. Scott,

Secretary, OSU Board of Trustees. 4 June 1993. In diploma holder.

Letter of certification for the Emanuel D. Rudolph History of Science Children’s Collection; signed

by Robert M. Duncan, Secretary, OSU Board of Trustees, 1 October 1993. In diploma holder.

Letter of certification for the Emanuel D. and Ann Rudolph Friends of the Libraries Student Book

Collectors Contest Endowment; signed by Robert M. Duncan, Secretary, OSU Board of

Trustees. 1 October 1993. In diploma holder.

Library Activities

Wesley L. Boomgaarden, Acquiring Private Collections for the Public Good: The Ohio State

University Experience

Ronald L. Stuckey, Contributions to The Ohio State University: From the Rudolph Estate

Ronald L. Stuckey, The Rudolph Botanical Book Collection: In the Herbarium Library at The Ohio

State University

Ronald L. Stuckey, Locations of the Emanuel D. and Ann W. Rudolph Library Resources on The

Ohio State University Campus

Ann W. Rudolph, The A. W. & E. D. Rudolph Private library: Arrangement of Books

Unpublished writings

What Is Natural History? [no date]. Typescript.

Genetics and Natural History Class, Washington University

What Nineteenth Century Children Were Taught about Physiology [no date]. Typescript.

Dr. Alexander Anderson (1775-1870), First American Engraver on Wood [no date]. Photostat of


Ecology of Land Plants in Antarctica [1968].

Tratamiento de los líquenes en libros norteamericanosa de introducción a la botánica entre los

años 1836-1986. Inscribed: 1986. IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Botánica, Medellin,


Miscellaneous writings on species definitions. Typescript.

Untitled manuscript inscribed: Talk for St Louis.

What Animal Is That? : An Analysis of Animals in Children’s Books of the Nineteenth Compared

with the Twentieth Century [no date] Typescript.

Reading lists on lichens; bryophytes; Antarctic biology; etc.

Professional organizations

American Bryological and Lichenological Society.

Botanical Society of America – Bryological and Lichenological Section.

British Lichen Society.

Forum for the History of Science in America.

Friends of the Farlow.

Friends of the Natural History Museum.

Garden Conservancy.

International Association for Lichenology.

International Congress of the History of Science. [programs, 1977]

International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology. [list of members,


Linnean Society of London.

Mycological Society of America.

Antarctic materials: manuscript journals and field notes

Notes on Antarctic trip 1961-62. Journal of field observations.

Data on Antarctic lichens, 1961-1962.

Antarctic Season 1962-63. Journal of field observations in spiral notepad.

AGS, Antarctic Map Information, maps sent 10 June 1965 containing:

Antarctic Lichens.

The Distribution and Environmental Relationships of Antarctic Lichens. Manuscript.

Antarctic Lichen Distribution. Typescript.

Lichen Localities. 1966. Typescript.

Key for Map of Antarctic Lichen Distribution. Typescript.

Antarctic Folio Map Series: Lichen localities. First Draft. June 1965. Typescript.

Miscellaneous correspondence and notes

Antarctic Field Season, 1966-1967.

Terrestrial Vegetation of Antarctica: Past and Present Studies. 5 drafts in various bibliographic


Research notes on seed germination in Antarctica, ca. 1964.

Antarctic lichens

A List of the Antarctic Lichens and Their Synonyms [no date]. Typescript.

Index to Antarctic Lichens [part] [no date]. Typescript.

Rudolph Antarctic Lichens [no date]. Typescript.

Facsimiles of Antarctic field notebooks for 1961-1962, 1966-1967, 1969.

Supporting literature for Antarctic studies incl.: Novatti, Ricardo. The Antarctic Landscape: Its

Plants and Animals [1959]. Typescript.

Antarctic materials: Miscellaneous

Notes for lectures.

Proposed history of Antarctic biological research.

Photos, illustrations, etc. (2 folders)

Science Museum of Minnesota – Exhibit

Box 3


Course materials (as student)

Class notes for Radiation Biology [no date]

Course materials (as instructor)

Lichenology, 1968

Methods of Lichen Analysis [1965] [student paper by Shirley G. Weirough]

Proposal for a new elective course in the History of Biology, 1968.

History of Botany [Botany 860], 1965.

History of Botany [Botany 860], 1965, [Botany 800], 1969.

History of Botany [Botany 860], 1967. With notes by Ronald L. Stuckey.

History of Biology [Botany 601], 1975–1978.

History of Biology [Botany 601], 1979‑  .

History of Biology, 1980.

History of Biology [Botany 601]. 1982.

History of Biology [Botany 601], 1983.

History of Biology [Botany 601], 1984.

History of Biology [Botany 601], 1985, 1986.

History of Biology, Selected Readings, Spring 1987. Facsimiles in presentation binding.

History of Biology [Botany 601], 1987, 1988.

History of Biology, Readings, Spring 1988. Facsimiles.

History of Biology, Readings, Spring 1989. Cover sheet only.

History of Biology, Selected Bibliography, Spring 1989.

History of Biology [Botany 601], 1990.

History of Biology, Bibliography, Spring 1990.

History of Biology, Plant Biology 601, Selected Bibliography of Secondary Source Books and

Monographs on the History of Biology and Its Divisions. Spring 1991.

History of Biology, Plant Biology 601, Readings. Spring 1992. Facsimiles.

History of Biology, Plant Biology 601, Selected Bibliography of Secondary Source Books and

Monographs on the History of Biology and Its Divisions. Spring 1992. With loose handwritten

citations of items, probably for future addition to the bibliography.

History of Biology [Botany 601], [no date]. A collection of items designated as hand-outs.

History of Biology. Selected student papers. 7 folders.

Botanical Information [Botany 694], 1971. 2 folders.

Miscellaneous mimeographed materials on the use of botanical literature, 1969-1973.

Box 4

Miscellaneous research materials relating to June Z. Fullmer et al.’s project on the publication history

of the American edition of Abraham Rees’ Cyclopedia, for which E. D. Rudolph was a major


Box 5

31 reel-to-reel tapes of talks given at the National Science Foundation History of Science Summer

Institute, held at The Ohio State University, 1968, 1969, and preserved by E. D. Rudolph, with 3

pages of lecture schedules.

Box 6


Box 7


In ring binders:

Celebration events

Lectures and personal

Miscellaneous personal photos

Personals (Rudy and Ann)

Personals (others)

In folders:



Rudolph estate

Rudolph home (on Arcadia, Columbus, Ohio)

Rudolph room dedication


Box 8


with G. H. M. Lawrence, Hunt Institute

Miscellaneous persons

Ohio State personnel and offices (chronological)

Missouri Botanical Garden, history project

New York Botanical Garden, supporting letters

Reviews of manuscripts and book reviews

Student letters (Ohio State)

Rudolph lichen data

2 file boxes of notes on cards.

Sampson, Homer C.

Box 1 – Botany teaching materials

Algae [XXI. Algae]

Algae [XXI. Marine Algae]

Assimilation [XXIII. Assimilation]

Bryophytes [V. Mosses and Liverworts]

Buds [XVIII. Buds]

Cell Enlargement I

Cell Enlargement II

Cell Enlargement, Older Notes

Cell Enlargement [additional notes]



Coloration [I. Autumn Coloration Coast to Coast]

Correlations I

Correlations II

Correlations III (mostly Apical Dominance)

Correlations (Important old notes Apical Dominance, etc.)

Correlations (Oxidation-Reduction System)


Drugs [XXIV. Drug Producing Plants)

Fibers [XV. Commercial Fibers]

Flowers [VII. Flower Parts and Flowers]


Fruits [XIII. Unusual Fruits]

Fungi [IX. Fungi]

Fungi [XII. Some Fungus Infections in Man]


Gymnosperms [III. Gymnosperms]


Hybridization [X. Di-Hybrid Cross (Datura)]

Inflorescence [Triticum].



Magnolia [XIX. Magnolia]

Merry Christmas


Paleobotany [XXIX. Plants of the Past]

Pathology [XIV. Plant Pathology]

Poisonous Plants [Some Poisonous Plants in Ohio]

Pollen [VIII. Pollen]

Preconditioning, Physical

Pteridophytes [IV. Pteridophytes]

Seeds [XXV. Flower Seeds]

Slides [II. Making Microscope Slides]

Suberin and Cutin


Box 2

Teaching notes

Textbook of Botany (2 copies)

Topics on teaching




Box 3


Class notes (his at Ohio State)


Ecology (1924)

Plant Microchemistry (1931)

Box 4

Materials about teaching

Glass lantern slides (5 boxes)

Schaffner, John Henry

Box 1

Reprints of articles (alphabetical by category)

Miscellaneous loosely bound reprints on taxonomy and evolution

Algae (Desmids)


Cytology – mitosis

Cytology – reproduction and genetics

Darwin, influence of [manuscript]


(See also Schaffner’s maps of Latin American spp. of Equisetum, with correspondence, in Map Cabinet, Drawer No. 2.)


Evolution (Studies in Determinate Evolution. I-XI)

Floristics – Ohio

(For continuation of Additions to the Revised Catalogue of Ohio Vascular Plants, see also

Clyde H. Jones Collection.)



Genetics (Nature and Determination of Sex)




Laboratory procedures [7 folders]

Life cycles



Plant classification

Plant communities – Prairies

Plant pathology

Poisonous plants


Sex reversal

Box 2

Reprints of articles (continued)


Taxonomy (Principles of Plant Taxonomy. I-X)

Taxonomy – unpublished writings





Duplicate books and reprints

Box 3

Course materials [Schaffner’s own]. Taxonomy: ferns, gymnosperms, monocots

Recommended readings on higher groups of plants (at or above the level of the genus).

Principles of Taxonomy I (1), Oct. 1 to Nov. 8. Pteridophytes. Lectures. From the Lampe


Principles of Taxonomy I (2), Nov. 8 to Dec. Gymnospermae. Lectures. From the Lampe


Transition to Spermatophyta, Phylum XIII, Cycadophyta. Lectures. From the Lampe materials.

Fundmental evolutionary movements. 3 manuscript pp. From the Lampe materials.

Taxonomy: 1, Phylum – Ptenophyta; 2. Phylum – Calamophyta; 3. Phylum – Lepidophyta.

Laboratory Outline.

Strobilophyta, Araucariales, Pinales, Taxales. Laboratory.

Phylum Cycadophyta. Laboratory.

Principles of Taxonomy, Monocotyls. Lectures.

Plant Taxonomy, Monocotylae I., Heliobae. Laboratory.

II. Spadiciflorae. Laboratory.

III. Glumiflorae. Laboratory.

Monocots, grasses.

IV. Liliflorae. Laboratory.




Box 4

Course materials [Schaffner’s own]. Taxonomy: Dicots.

Principles of Taxonomy, Dicotylae I, Thalamiflorae, Centrospermae, Heteromerae, Tubiflorae

Dicotylae II, Calyciflorae, Amentiferae, Myrtiflorae, Inferae. Lectures.

Dicotylae, Subclass I, Thalamiflorae. Laboratory.

Dicotylae, Subclass II, Centrospermae

Dicotylae, Subclass III, Heteromerae. Laboratory.

Dicotylae, Subclass IV, Tubiflorae. Laboratory.

Dicotylae, Subclass V, Calyciflorae. Laboratory.

Dicotylae, Subclass VI, Amentiferae

Dicotylae, Subclass VII, Myrtiflorae. Laboratory.

Dicotylae, Subclass VIII, Inferae. Laboratory.

Compositales [keys by Popham]

Box 5


Course materials [notes made or collected by Schaffner’s students]. General botany, evolution,


Course notes for General Botany. Instructor unknown. Notes made by Cordelia Garber [the

third Mrs. Schaffner].

Laboratory Outline, Taxonomy of Vascular Plants, John H. Schaffner. Laboratory manual kept by

Tillman Johnson.

Laboratory Outline, Taxonomy of Vascular Plants, John H. Schaffner. Laboratory manual kept by

Clyde H. Jones. [copy 1]

Laboratory Outline, Taxonomy of Vascular Plants, John H. Schaffner. Laboratory manual kept by

Clyde H. Jones. [copy 2]

Course materials for plant taxonomy (presumed to be Schaffner’s course). With notes in the

handwriting of Clyde H. Jones.

Course notes titled Evolution. In the handwriting of Clyde H. Jones.

Taxonomic Arrangement of the Angiosperms. Edited by Lois Lampe, 1955. From the Lampe


Course notes for Taxonomy, 1922-1923. Manuscript made by Lois Lampe.

Assembled Outline, Laboratory, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms [no date]. From the Lampe


Strobilophyta [no date]. From the Lampe Papers.

Dicots, Lois Lampe’s lecture notes, Spring 1924. Mixed manuscript and typescript notes from a

course in Taxonomy [presumed to be Schaffner’s]. From the Lampe Papers.

Dicots, Lois Lampe’s lecture notes, Spring 1924 (cont.). Subclass I. Thalamiflorae.

Anthophyta V, Dicotylae, Subclass I, Thalamiflorae [presumed to be from Schaffner’s course].

Typescript with illustrations, from the Lampe Papers.

Dicots, Lois Lampe’s lecture notes, Spring 1924 (cont.). Subclass II. Centrospermae

Dicots, Lois Lampe’s lecture notes, Spring 1924 (cont.). Subclass III. Heteromerae

Dicots, Lois Lampe’s lecture notes, Spring 1924 (cont.). Subclass IV. Tubiflorae

Dicots, Lois Lampe’s lecture notes, Spring 1924 (cont.). Subclass V. Calyciflorae

Lecture notes from Schaffner’s course on Principles of Taxonomy, Spring 1938. Calyciflorae

2/10/56. From the Lampe Papers.

Lecture notes from Schaffner’s course on Principles of Taxonomy, Spring 1938 (cont.). Subclass

V. Calyciflorae. From the Lampe Papers.

Dicots, Lois Lampe’s lecture notes, Spring 1924 (cont.). Subclass VI. Amentiferae

Lecture notes from Schaffner’s course on Principles of Taxonomy, Spring 1938 (cont.). Subclass

VI. Amentiferae 2/19/56. From the Lampe Papers.

Dicots, Lois Lampe’s lecture notes, Spring 1924 (cont.). Subclass VII. Myrtiflorae

Lecture notes from Schaffner’s course on Principles of Taxonomy, Spring 1938] (cont.). Subclass

VII. Myrtiflorae. From the Lampe Papers.

Dicots, Lois Lampe’s Lecture Notes, Spring 1924 (cont.). Subclass VIII. Inferae.

Lecture notes from Schaffner’s course on Principles of Taxonomy, Spring 1938 (cont.). Subclass

VIII. Inferae 3/2/56. From the Lampe Papers.

Lecture notes from Schaffner’s course on Principles of Taxonomy, Spring 1938 (cont.). Review

[of] Flower Study 3/7-9/56. From the Lampe Papers.

Box 6

Course materials [notes made or collected by Schaffner’s students]. Taxonomy.

Thalamiflorae [floral diagrams and notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Centrospermae [floral diagrams and notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Heteromerae [floral diagrams and notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Tubiflorae [floral diagrams and notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Caliciflorae [floral diagrams and notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Amentiferae [floral diagrams and notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Myrtiflorae [floral diagrams and notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Inferae [floral diagrams and notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Heliobae [taxonomic notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Grasses [taxonomic notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Lilioflorae [taxonomic notes]. From the Lampe Papers.

Dicots, Synopsis [but including some materials on monocots] [ca. 1955]. Apparently extracted

From Schaffner’s Field Manual. From the Lampe Papers.

Mimeographed copies of selected unpublished writings of Schaffer, apparently used by Lois

Lampe as course materials for Taxonomy I, II, August 1952. From the Lampe Papers.

Lois Lampe’s collection of mimeographed materials detailing Schaffner’s research and findings

on the accumulation of potentialities in plants. From the Lampe Papers.

Notes from a course in Taxonomy. Dicots, Lab. I, Thalamiflorae thru Tubiflorae. Notes apparently

Made by Richard A. Popham in 1937, and edited by Lois Lampe, ca. 1955. From the Lampe


Course notes for Taxonomy [no date]. Manuscript notes made by Clara Weishaupt.

Ferns & Gymnosperms [2 folders]



Laboratory Outline, Taxonomy of Vascular Plants, John H. Schaffner. Taxonomy 608. Laboratory

Manual kept by John N. Wolfe.

(See also: Laboratory and Laboratory Outline, Taxonomy of Vascular Plants, John H. Schaffner

[1933-1934]. Three bound typescript volumes of notes made by Charlotte Whiteford and

Clara Weishaupt. Shelved in Herbarium Library (QK 93 S3).

v. I. Pteridophytes, Cycadophyta & Strobilophyta

v. II. Monocotylae

v. III. Dicotylae

Box 7

Notes and manuscripts

Box 8

Miscellaneous class materials

Box 9

Biographical materials

Box 10

Letters received (chronological)

Box 11

Letters sent (chronological, 1924 – 1931)

Box 12

Letters sent (chronological, July – December 1931)

Box 13

Diary I (photocopy)

Box 14

Diary II (photocopy)

Stuckey, Ronald Lewis

Box 1

Reprints (botanical; arranged chronologically).

Box 2

Reprints (historical and biographical; arranged chronologically.

Box 3

Abstracts of the writings of Ronald L. Stuckey

Original bibliographies

A Bibliography for the Study of Women in Science: With Special Reference to Botanists

[ca. 1992]. 5 pp. mimeographed.

A Bibliography of the Botanical Bibliographies for the States of the Contiguous United States

[1971]. 10 pp. mimeographed.

Botanical Explorers of the Old Northwest Territory [no date]. 3 pp. mimeographed.

A Preliminary List of References to Papers on the Vascular Plants and Geology of Western Lake

Erie and Its Drainage Basin [no date]. 12 pp. mimeographed.

Publications on History of Botany, Biographies, The Ohio State University Herbarium and Its

Collections, and Indexes on Various Subjects. No date. 6 pp. mimeographed.

A Selected Bibliography of the Flora, Phytogeography, and Geology of Ohio with Reference to

South-Central Ohio [1968]. 3 pp. mimeographed.

Selected List of Journals with Cumulative Indices Useful to Botanists [1973]. 3 pp.


Selected References on Plant Taxonomy: General and Theoretical [no date]. 5 pp.


Selected List of References on the Preservation of Natural Areas and Rare Organisms [revised

1975]. 6 pp. mimeographed.

Selected References [no date]. 3 pp. mimeographed. Botany 424, Field Plant Taxonomy.

Selected References on Aquatic Vascular Plants and Pollution [1974]. 2 pp. mimeographed, with

Marvin L. Roberts.

Some Recent References for the History of Botany in Eastern North America, before 1850

[1972]. 2 pp. mimeographed.

Some Reference Texts on Plant Geography [1977]. 2 pp. mimeographed.

Bibliographies of his writings

William R. Burk, compiler. Ronald L. Stuckey: His Scientific Publications (1962-1994) Arranged

Chronologically (1994)

William R. Burk, compiler. Ronald L. Stuckey: His Scientific Publications (1962-1996) Arranged

Chronologically (1996)

William R. Burk, compiler. Writings on the History of Botany by Ronald L. Stuckey: A Bibliography

(1994) [2 copies]

Reviews of his writings

William R. Burk, compiler. Reviews and Announcements of Ronald L. Stuckey, A Guide to the

Literature of Ohio’s Natural Areas (1973).

William R. Burk, compiler. Reviews of Ronald L. Stuckey, Index to Plant Distribution maps in

North American Periodicals through 1972 (1976).

William R. Burk, compiler. Reviews of Ronald L. Stuckey, The Prairie Peninsula—In the

“Shadow” of Transeau: Proceedings of the Sixth North American Prairie Conference (1994).

William R. Burk. Reviews of Ronald L. Stuckey, Frontier Botanist: William Starling Sullivant’s

Flowering-Plant Botany of Ohio (1830-1850) (1991).

William R. Burk, compiler. Reviews of Ronald L. Stuckey, Women Botanists of Ohio Born before

1900 (1992).

Writings of his students

Facsimiles of title pages, front matter, and selected text from theses and dissertations written

by students of Ronald L. Stuckey.

Reprints of published articles by students of Ronald L. Stuckey.

Thomas O. Duncan

Lynn Edward Elfner

Brian Gara

Robert R. Haynes

Charles N. Horn

Donald H. Les

Richard M. Lowden

David L. Moore

William G. Owen

Mark Reinking

Marvin L. Roberts

Randy Snodgrass

John R. Wehrmeister

W. Alan Wentz

Course materials – Local Flora

Directions for Collecting Plants [no date]. 3 pp. mimeographed.

Introduction to Basic Floral Structure [no date]. 4 pp. mimeographed.

Notes on Some Families of Plants Represented by the Ohio Flora [no date]. 1 p. mimeographed.

Some Basic Rules for Constructing Dichotomous Keys [no date]. 1 p. mimeographed.

Workbook for Local Flora, Botany 410 (Spring 1970). Mimeographed. Compiled by Ronald L.

Stuckey and Tod F. Stuessy.

Course materials – Botanical Nomenclature

Course materials for Plant Taxonomy Seminar (Botany 835): Botanical Nomenclature [no date]

Outline for Nomenclature Seminar – Botany 819, Fall Quarter, 1971

Materials for the Study of the international Code of Botanical Nomenclature, Botany 815,

compiled by Ronald L. Stuckey, 1991. [mock-up]

Botanical Nomenclature: Information sheets on topics discussed in Botany 835, 819, 815,

1966‑1991, outlines with dates and topics, lists of bibliographies, questions for discussions,

instructions for projects. December 1999

Additional miscellaneous materials for Stuckey’s course on Botanical Nomenclature, 1991.

Box 4

Biographical records (CVs and publications), 1962-1999


Dennis M. Anderson (2 letters)

Barbara K. Andreas

Parker Bauer

David Benzing

Will H. Blackwell (3)

Margaret Buswell (see Michigan Botanical Club)

Paul M. Catling

Andre F. Clewell

Earl L. Core

Richard S. Cowan (IAPT) (4)

Daniel J. Crawford

Theodore Crovello (3)

William Culberson

Ralph W. Dexter

William G. Dore (2)

Robert Drabkowski

Nathan William Easterly (15)

Robert Evers (3)

Joseph Ewan

Jane L. Forsyth

Willliam G. Gambill, Jr. (2)

Edward J. P. Hauser (8)

Albert F. Hill (Rhodora) (2)

Patricia K. Holmgren

Chester W. Laskowski (12)

Mike Levin (7)

Walter H. Lewis (3)

Harry Lubrecht (see Stechert-Hafner Publishing Company)

Edward T. Mahr

Daniel McKinley (2)

Robert Meeks (3)

Michigan Botanical Club

Margaret Buswell

Edmund S. Mueller (6)

Laura T. Roberts

Warren H. Wagner, Jr.

Edmund S. Mueller (see Michigan Botanical Club)

Miss J. Muskett

Willard W. Payne (7)

C. Thomas Philbrick

James S. Pringle

Thomas J. Rawinski

William D. Reese

Laura T. Roberts (see Michigan Botanical Club)

C. M. Rogers

Reed C. Rollins

Alfred E. (“Ernie”) Schuyler

Corine Miller Simons (6)

Allen M. Solomon

Stechert-Hafner Publishing Company

Melvern F. Tessene (17)

R. Dale Thomas

Arthur I. Vorys

Edward G. Voss

Warren H. Wagner, Jr. (see Michigan Botanical Club)

Harold E. Wallin

Donna Marie Eggers Ware (4)

W. A. Weber

Andrea D. Wolfe

unprocessed correspondence [4 folders]

Box 5

Stuckey [and Duncan], research materials for the flora of the Erie Islands

Box 6

Materials on types and type localities

Box 7

Stuckey and Duncan, Flora of the Erie Islands, 2010.

First typed draft

First typed draft (marked)

Page proofs (marked)

Volume 1 preliminary edition (unmarked)

Volume 1 preliminary edition (marked)

Box 8



Field trips, especially in the Erie Islands

File card boxes I and II (3 x 5 cards)

Aquatic plant data from various herbaria

Stuessy, Tod Falor

Costume of Carl Linnaeus, used for teaching and outreach performances (hanging on bookcase F).

Taft, Clarence E.

Box 1

M.S. and Ph.D. theses (abstracts)

Reprints (chronological)

Notebook from Taxonomy 808, 1934

Water and Algae – A World Problem. Typescript.

Address at the Dedication of the R. V. Charles A. Dambach Laboratory, 1971. Typescript.

2 copies.

What can be done with algae; or. Phycology as a profession, 1978. 7 pp. typescript with

handwritten notes.

An annotated bibliography of North American algal literature published in the United States,

Canada and Mexico during the years 1939 to 1946 inclusive, without date. Typescript. 2


Box 2

Biographical materials, 2 folders.


Bohning, R. H.

Bourrelly, P.

Drouet, F.

Prescott, G. W.

Sweeney, R. A.

Curricula vitae.

Flower photographs, thought to be from Taft.

List of publications.

Thomas, E.

Columbus Dispatch Newspaper clippings on natural history.

Tiffany, Louis H.

Box 1


Publications (reprints)

Transeau, Edgar Nelson

Consisting largely of materials given by Transeau’s grandson, The Reverend Edward T. Mahr, to Ronald L. Stuckey.

Box 1

Reprints (Chronological)



Charles C. Adams (2 letters)

Donald Anderson

Harold L. Bevis

Lewis G. Branscomb

E. Lucy Braun

Albert Perry Brigham

August G. Bricker [?]

W. W. Campbell

Glenn C. Couch (2)

Henry C. Cowles (2)


Charles C. Deam

Myrtle M. Doner

R. N. Dunlap

Wm. Lloyd Evans [?] (2)

Charles W. Foulk

William C. Ferguson


Henry A. Gleason

Victor A. Greulach

Howard L. Hamilton

M. B. Hammond

R. A. Harper

Roland M. Harper

H. Russell Hill


O. E. Jennings

Duncan S. Johnson

William Wilson Kelchner

Paul C. Kuegle

Fred D. Lambert

Burton E. Livingston (2)

Livingston C. Lord (3)


D. MacDougal

B. S. Meyer (2)

T. H. Morgan

F. H. Moulton

F. C. Newcombe


Roderick Peattie

Frederick Ward Putnam (2)

George W. Rightmire

Walter W. Ristow


R. Salgues (2)

Homer C. Sampson (2)

John A. Schaeffer

John H. Schaffner (4)

Paul B. Sears

C. W. Thornthwaite

Lewis H. Tiffany (5)

Elizabeth Transeau

G. Transeau

George E. Vincent (3)


Richard T. Wareham

H. N. Whitford

John N. Wolfe

J. Arthur Yoder

Erwin C. Zepp

World Book Publishers


Bound volume of testimonial letters presented to Transeau on the occasion of his retirement as

Chairman of the OSU Department of Botany.

Includes a List of Persons Attending the Banquet Given in Honor of Dr. E. N. Transeau on the Occasion of His Retirement as Chairman of the Department of Botany. (Faculty Club, O.S.U., July 19, 1946). 2 pp. typescript.

Course materials

Course notes from Henry Cowles’ lectures on Geographic Ecology, Chicago 1901

Course notes on Forest Ecology, 1915. FRAGILE

Class Notebook of Clyde H. Jones, Botany 601, 602, Ecology, 1935

Biographical materials

Miscellaneous biographical materials.

European travel documents, 1927.

Humorous materials directed at Transeau (selected from The Dandelion)

Mixed correspondence concerned with the biography of Transeau. Correspondents


Janice C. Beatley

Edward T. Mahr

Brian T. Mazlett

Bernard S. Meyer

B. A. Nelly

Douglas Sprugel

Ronald L. Stuckey

John N. Wolfe

Draft of the tribute written by Paul Sears and included in the Bulletin

of the Ecological Society of American for June 1960.

See also the Stuckey Papers (for the correspondence between Edward T. Mahr and

Ronald L. Stuckey).

Genealogical materials.

Diplomas, certificates, etc.

Copies of Transeau’s maps. [Assembled by Ronald L. Stuckey.]

Lists of plant specimens (esp. Carex and Salix) collected by Transeau at various localities in

Pennsylvania and in Oakland and Washtenaw counties in Michigan, 1892-1908. Compiled by

R. L. Stuckey.

Photographs of plants. (Thought to have been made or collected by Transeau.)

M.S. and Ph.D. theses

Master’s Theses in the Field of Plant Ecology [1903-1943]. 1 p. manuscript.

Master’s Theses, sponsored by Transeau [1918-1943]. 1 p. manuscript.

Ph.D. Theses in the Field of Ecology [1918-1941]. 1 p. manuscript.

Ph.D. Theses sponsored by Transeau [1918-1948]. 2 pp. manuscript.

Masters Theses Sponsored by Transeau [1918-1943]. 2 pp. typescript.

Master’s Theses in the Field of Plant Ecology [1903-1943]. 2 pp. typescript.

Ph.D. Theses in the Field of Ecology [1918-1941]. 2 pp. typescript.

List of Theses and Dissertations on Ecology and Natural Vegetation Completed in the

Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at The Ohio State University, Columbus

(1903-1948) [under the direction of] Transeau. [Prepared by Ronald L.

Stuckey.] 5 pp. typescript.

Box 2

Personal field notebooks and notepads.

41 pocket-size notebooks, from Transeau’s work on the Natural Vegetation of Ohio. Gift of

Transeau’s grandson, The Reverend Edward T. Mahr, to Ronald L. Stuckey.

Waller, Adolph E.

Box 1

Bibliographies of Walter’s writings (compiled by R. L. Stuckey)

Biographical materials (including photographic portraits)

Biographical sketches of Ohio botanists

Correspondence (chronological)

Economic Botany (Botany 619)

History of Botany (Botany 760), outlines, list of readings, some correspondence to Waller

regarding course from C. E. Taft and J. N. Wolfe.

Irises (photographs)

Local Flora, 1947


Memorial Lecture series

Reprints (chronological)

Collected materials on John H. Schaffner

Research notes and correspondence on historical subjects and various early botanists, especially

Dr. John L. Riddell


Weishaupt, Clara G.

Box 1

Books (hers)

Photographs, personal and events, thank you letters (personal)

Manuscript of Vegetative Key to Grasses of Ohio

Graduation cap (Ph.D.), 1935 (see also gown hanging on bookcase F)

Box 2

Class notebooks

Research notebook

Diplomas and certificates (High School teaching), rolled

Box 3 (certificates, Ph.D. diploma, medal, plaques)

Distinguished Service Medal (Ohio State), 1984

Distinguished Teaching Certificate and plaque (Ohio State), 1968

Highland County (Ohio) Women’s Hall of Fame plaque, 1990

Framed grass photograph, taken by the son of Dr. and Mrs. Wistendahl

Framed photograph of honorees at Ohio State graduation, 1984 (OSU Trustees, President

Jennings, John Glenn, Clara Weishaupt)

Retirement certificate, 20 May 1968

Ph.D. Diploma, Ohio State University, 30 August 1935

Certificate from the Ohio Senate, a resolution on her 90th birthday, 13 Sep 1988

Sigma Xi membership certificate, 10 November 1936

Honorary Life Member certificate, Ohio Academy of Sciences, 11 January 1983

Distinguished Service Award (Ohio State) plaque, 8 June 1984

Box 4


Class notes


Distinguished service and teaching awards

90th birthday


Wolfe, John

Box 1

Bibliographic materials

Biographical materials


Beatley, Janice

Mehr, Edward

Meyer, B. S.

Norquest, C. E.

Transeau, E. D.

Course notes, Plant Geography 401

Course notes, Plant Ecology (Botany 601)

Course notes, Plant Ecology (Botany 602)

Reprints (chronological)

The lichens of Ohio, 1938

List of vascular plants of Hocking County, Ohio, 1938

A catalogue of the lichens of Ohio, 1940

Species isolation and a proglacial lake in southern Ohio, 1942

The microclimates of a small valley in central Ohio, 1942

The use of Weather Bureau data in ecological studies, 1945

Wheaton Club Bulletin, 1945

Microclimates and macroclimate of Neotoma, a small valley in Central Ohio, 1949

Guide to Ohio plants, 1952

The primeval vegetation of Ohio and associated study, 1954

North American prairie, 1955

Changes with age in the proportion of the dominants in a beech-maple forest in central

Ohio, 1955

Maple forest in central Ohio, 1955

A tropical rain forest: a study of irradiation and ecology at El Verde, Puerto Rico, 1970

Microclimates along the highways, no date.

Floristic and associational aspects, no date.

An early lichen collection in Ohio, no date.

Chickens…, without date

Maps, without date

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Department of Botany, The Ohio State University (bookcase H, located next to the wall chart cabinet, I)

Above bookcase

Biological Club, 1891 – onward

Phi Epsilon Phi (botany honorary)

Plant ecology course materials

Shelf 1

General botany teaching manuals, set-up manual, handouts, lab manual (1919), objectives of

course, test questions, ovulary commentary, etc.

Local Flora teaching slides (2 X 2s).

Shelf 2

General Botany lab manuals.

4 X 3 ¼ glass slides for General Botany.

Shelf 3

General Botany, 4 X 3 ¼ glass slides.

Botany class notebook (1900, Isola Fries).

Department of Botany annual reports (1970-1985).

History of Department of Botany (R. L. Stuckey).

Dandelion notes and photos (and 1959 film).

Shelf 4

Department of Botany photos (faculty, etc.).

Administration (misc., Award Dinner 1989).

Chair search 1968.

Botanic Journal Club.

Strategic Plan 1988).

Botanical Colloquium.

Botany course review, 1976 (plus results of questionnaire from alumni).

Phi Epsilon Phi (botany honorary).

Shelf 5

Projector for 4 X 3 ¼ glass slides

Department of Botany administration



Botanical Colloquium

Annual Reports, 1970 – 1985

History of Dept. Botany (additional materials by R. L. Stuckey)

Herbarium (located in cabinet G with Kellerman)

Box 1

Old herbarium stamps

Box 2

Herbarium and Department of Botany receipts (1892-1904)

Box 3

Herbarium and Department of Botany receipts (1906-1914)

Box 4

Herbarium guest books

Three-ring binders

List of taxa in Antioch College

Performance and analysis of plant nursery stocks 1936-41

Oberlin College herbarium catalogues (5 volumes)

Herbarium photos – West Campus move (1992)

Herbarium history photos

Herbarium history

Ohio State Herbarium Index

New additional to the State Herbarium (by county, 1940s-1960s, Weishaupt era) (7 volumes)

Ohio plant distribution maps in the State Herbarium (Schaffner to Weishaupt)

Lists of plants in the Ohio Herbarium (Weishaupt era)

List of Ohio Plants (Schaffner era)


Surveys (housed in shelf-unit Q)

Early land surveys in Ohio

Map Files (J)

Drawer 1

Michael Cichan plane crash, newspaper articles.

Fred H. Glenny illustrations.

Weed seed collection (November 1930) by Leila A. Compton.

Botany and Zoology building (Ohio State) art plaque.

Botanical montage by Edna Kirby, presented to Clara Weishaupt, 1919.

Original plates from book Bohm and Stuessy (Flavonoids of Asteraceae, 2001).

Drawer 2

Kellerman genealogy.

Kellerman newspaper clippings.

Karl F. Kellerman (son of W. A. Kellerman) drawings.

Schaffner Equisetum drawings and other manuscript illustrations.

Clara Weishaupt, 1991, Ohio Academy of Sciences, Centennial Honoree certificate from Ohio

House of Representatives.

Clara Weishaupt, 1991, Centennial Ohio Academy of Sciences certificate from Ohio General


Clara Weishaupt, Ohio Academy of Sciences, 1991, wall plaque, Centennial Honoree.

Ronald L. Stuckey, framed montage of history of OSU Herbarium (1891-1991).

Drawer 3

Schaffner memorabilia.

Printing plates from Schaffner publications.

Drawer 4

Old copper printing plates (Botany, Stone Laboratory, Prof. Donald Borror).

Drawer 5

Miscellaneous printing plates (most of maps).

Drawer 6

Ohio maps of different sorts (road, county, vegetation, etc.), some historical.

Drawer 7 (rolled maps)

Calendar from 1955.

Deep glacial stage.

Highway maps of Ohio counties: Fairfield, Licking, Pickaway, Union.

Landform map of Ohio.

Map of Gibraltar Isle.

Map of Mohican State Forest region.

Map of Ohio place names with prairie affinities.

Map of Sandusky Marsh (1873).

Ohio quadrangle maps: Greer, Jelloway.

Ohio quadrangle maps: Chillicothe East, Kingston, Laurelville, Sinking Spring.

Proposed plan for the OSU botanical garden (no date).

Teays drainage.

Vegetation map of Winous Pt. Marshes (Ohio, 1873).

Drawer 8

Other flat maps (U.S.A., Alabama, etc.).

Drawer 9

Bridge Cook memorabilia (oil painting of Mt. Shasta, framed).

R. L. Stuckey Ohio centennial certificates (framed).

Drawer 10 — Rudolph memorabilia

Agave painting (by Emanuel D. Rudolph).

Framed water color of a library, from the Rudolph home.

Wooden plaque with inserted Lepidodendron fossil.

Wall Charts

Top of bookcase (F)

Spirogyra, Vaucheria. Düsseldorf.

Mushroom, field and lichens. Deyrolle: Paris.

Fungi, edible, harmless, and poisonous (in German). Quelle & Meyer: Leipzig.

Fungi II, edible, harmless, and poisonous (in German). Quelle & Meyer: Leipzig.

Fungi (der Heimat). Quelle & Meyer: Leipzig.

Wall chart cabinet (I). All from: Jung, Koch, Quentell’she neue Wandtafeln. Frommann & Morian:

Darmstadt. Most have two charts, one on each side. A few are only one-sided.

Bellflower (Campanulaceae), borage (Boraginaceae), morning glory (Convolvulaceae), mistletoe


Boraginaceae, Labiatae

Buckeye (Hippocastanaceae), Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae).

Buckeye (Hippocastanaceae), evening primrose (Primulaceae)

Buttercup (Ranunculaceae), bean (Leguminosae)

Caryophyllaceae, Betulaceae

Cuscuta, morning glory (Convolvulaceae)

Gramineae, Primulaceae, Labiatae

Labiatae, Cruciferae

Lily (Liliaceae), willow (Salicaceae)


Papaveraceae, Cruciferae, Caryophyllaceae

Parsley (Umbelliferae), poppy (Papaveraceae)

Pine (Pinaceae), Tilia (Tiliaceae)

Primrose (Primulaceae), Compositae

Scrophulariaceae, Ranunculaceae, Umbelliferae

Sundew (Droseraceae), Hedera helix (Araliaceae), Urticaceae


Violet (Violaceae), grass (Gramineae)

Vitaceae, Iridaceae

Willow (Salicaceae), birch (Betulaceae), geranium (Geraniaceae)