Department of Botany, The Ohio State University (bookcase H, located next to the wall chart cabinet, I)

Above bookcase

Biological Club, 1891 – onward
Phi Epsilon Phi (botany honorary)
Plant ecology course materials

Shelf 1

General botany teaching manuals, set-up manual, handouts, lab manual (1919), objectives of course, test questions, ovulary commentary, etc.
Local Flora teaching slides (2 X 2s).

Shelf 2

General Botany lab manuals.
4 X 3 ¼ glass slides for General Botany.

Shelf 3

General Botany, 4 X 3 ¼ glass slides.
Botany class notebook (1900, Isola Fries).
Department of Botany annual reports (1970-1985).
History of Department of Botany (R. L. Stuckey).
Dandelion notes and photos (and 1959 film).

Shelf 4

Department of Botany photos (faculty, etc.).
Administration (misc., Award Dinner 1989).
Chair search 1968.
Botanic Journal Club.
Strategic Plan 1988).
Botanical Colloquium.
Botany course review, 1976 (plus results of questionnaire from alumni).
Phi Epsilon Phi (botany honorary).

Shelf 5

Projector for 4 X 3 ¼ glass slides
Department of Botany administration Committees
Botanical Colloquium
Annual Reports, 1970 – 1985
History of Dept. Botany (additional materials by R. L. Stuckey)

Herbarium (located in cabinet G with Kellerman)

Box 1

Old herbarium stamps

Box 2

Herbarium and Department of Botany receipts (1892-1904)

Box 3

Herbarium and Department of Botany receipts (1906-1914)

Box 4

Herbarium guest books

Three-ring binders

List of taxa in Antioch College
Performance and analysis of plant nursery stocks 1936-41
Oberlin College herbarium catalogues (5 volumes)
Herbarium photos – West Campus move (1992)
Herbarium history photos
Herbarium history
Ohio State Herbarium Index
New additional to the State Herbarium (by county, 1940s-1960s, Weishaupt era) (7 volumes)
Ohio plant distribution maps in the State Herbarium (Schaffner to Weishaupt)
Lists of plants in the Ohio Herbarium (Weishaupt era)
List of Ohio Plants (Schaffner era)

Surveys (housed in shelf-unit Q)

Early land surveys in Ohio

Map Files (J)

Drawer 1

Michael Cichan plane crash, newspaper articles.
Fred H. Glenny illustrations.
Weed seed collection (November 1930) by Leila A. Compton.
Botany and Zoology building (Ohio State) art plaque.
Botanical montage by Edna Kirby, presented to Clara Weishaupt, 1919.
Original plates from book Bohm and Stuessy (Flavonoids of Asteraceae, 2001).

Drawer 2

Kellerman genealogy.
Kellerman newspaper clippings.
Karl F. Kellerman (son of W. A. Kellerman) drawings.
Schaffner Equisetum drawings and other manuscript illustrations.
Clara Weishaupt, 1991, Ohio Academy of Sciences, Centennial Honoree certificate from Ohio House of Representatives.
Clara Weishaupt, 1991, Centennial Ohio Academy of Sciences certificate from Ohio General Assembly.
Clara Weishaupt, Ohio Academy of Sciences, 1991, wall plaque, Centennial Honoree.
Ronald L. Stuckey, framed montage of history of OSU Herbarium (1891-1991).

Drawer 3

Schaffner memorabilia.
Printing plates from Schaffner publications.

Drawer 4

Old copper printing plates (Botany, Stone Laboratory, Prof. Donald Borror).

Drawer 5

Miscellaneous printing plates (most of maps).

Drawer 6

Ohio maps of different sorts (road, county, vegetation, etc.), some historical.

Drawer 7 (rolled maps)

Calendar from 1955.
Deep glacial stage.
Highway maps of Ohio counties: Fairfield, Licking, Pickaway, Union.
Landform map of Ohio.
Map of Gibraltar Isle.
Map of Mohican State Forest region.
Map of Ohio place names with prairie affinities.
Map of Sandusky Marsh (1873).
Ohio quadrangle maps: Greer, Jelloway.
Ohio quadrangle maps: Chillicothe East, Kingston, Laurelville, Sinking Spring.
Proposed plan for the OSU botanical garden (no date).
Teays drainage.
Vegetation map of Winous Pt. Marshes (Ohio, 1873).

Drawer 8

Other flat maps (U.S.A., Alabama, etc.).

Drawer 9

Bridge Cook memorabilia (oil painting of Mt. Shasta, framed).
R. L. Stuckey Ohio centennial certificates (framed).
Drawer 10 — Rudolph memorabilia
Agave painting (by Emanuel D. Rudolph).
Framed water color of a library, from the Rudolph home.
Wooden plaque with inserted Lepidodendron fossil.

Wall Charts

Top of bookcase (F)

Spirogyra, Vaucheria. Düsseldorf.
Mushroom, field and lichens. Deyrolle: Paris.
Fungi, edible, harmless, and poisonous (in German). Quelle & Meyer: Leipzig.
Fungi II, edible, harmless, and poisonous (in German). Quelle & Meyer: Leipzig.
Fungi (der Heimat). Quelle & Meyer: Leipzig.

Wall chart cabinet (I). All from: Jung, Koch, Quentell’she neue Wandtafeln. Frommann & Morian:
Darmstadt. Most have two charts, one on each side. A few are only one-sided.

Bellflower (Campanulaceae), borage (Boraginaceae), morning glory (Convolvulaceae), mistletoe (Loranthaceae)
Boraginaceae, Labiatae
Buckeye (Hippocastanaceae), Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae).
Buckeye (Hippocastanaceae), evening primrose (Primulaceae)
Buttercup (Ranunculaceae), bean (Leguminosae)
Caryophyllaceae, Betulaceae
Cuscuta, morning glory (Convolvulaceae)
Gramineae, Primulaceae, Labiatae
Labiatae, Cruciferae
Lily (Liliaceae), willow (Salicaceae)
Papaveraceae, Cruciferae, Caryophyllaceae
Parsley (Umbelliferae), poppy (Papaveraceae)
Pine (Pinaceae), Tilia (Tiliaceae)
Primrose (Primulaceae), Compositae
Scrophulariaceae, Ranunculaceae, Umbelliferae
Sundew (Droseraceae), Hedera helix (Araliaceae), Urticaceae
Violet (Violaceae), grass (Gramineae)
Vitaceae, Iridaceae
Willow (Salicaceae), birch (Betulaceae), geranium (Geraniaceae)