FILING CABINETS (vertical files)

Filing cabinet A (Herbarium Administrations)

Stuckey Herbarium Administration (1967-1976)

Annual Reports (1969-1970 to 1974-1975)

Assistant Curator (Barans, Allene C.; Haynes, Robert P.)

Budget request (1970-1971)

Centennial History (1969)

Centennial Lecture

Cincinnati Herbarium

Correspondence – Böhning, R. H.

Correspondence – Botany Department Chairpersons

Correspondence: Miscellaneous (1969-1975)

Development Fund Accounts

Development Plans


Gifts of Specimens

Guide to Users

Herbarium History

Herbarium, Resources of Ohio

History of Botany at Ohio State

Index Herbariorum

Justification for Library Facilities

Kellerman’s Specimen Donation (to Smithsonian [US])

Loans (1966-1969)

Local Flora Class Syllabi

Local Flora Field Trip Plant Lists

Local Flora Items


Nomenclature and Families Represented in Collection

OARDC Herbarium

Oberlin University

Ohio Collectors

Ohio Flora Additions

Ohio Naturalist

Ohio Plant List Additions

Ohio Revised Code

Origin of Herbaria in Ohio

Plans (1970s)

Plant Resources Program

Plant Systematics Equipment

Plant Systematics Program

Postcard History

Public Service

Role of the Herbarium in the University

Safety Issues Regarding Floors

Tips on Specimen Collection and Preservation

Trends in Plant Systematics

Stuessy Herbarium Administration (1980-1995)

Advisory Council

Aesculus Newsletter

Ameriflora (1992)


Annual Reports (1980-1992)

Assistant Job Applications (1986-87)

B & Z building Drawing

Beatley Award

Book Sale Project

Botanical Gardens of Ohio

Bowling Green State University Herbarium

Boxes (Wood Collection)

Brochures (Samples, Rules)

Bryophyte Survey Project

Buckeye Articles in Alumni Magazine

Buckeye Comes Home – Presentation at OSU-Iowa Football Game

Buckeye Folklore

Buckeye: Hybridization and Introgression Papers

Buckeye Pamphlet and Plaque

Buckeye Specimen Loan with Berlin

Buckeye Tree Development Project

Buckeye Tree Facts

Buckeye Tree Framed Case

Buckeye Tree Guest List

Buckeye Tree History

Buckeye Tree Illustrations

Buckeye Tree Photos

Buckeye Tree Timeline Article


Burk, William Correspondence


Centennial Celebration

Chadwick Arboretum

Chemical Abstracts


Chile Flora Correspondence

Chile Flora Meeting

Chile, University of Santiago

Chilean Appreciation Dinner

Chilean Book Display

Christmas Cards (from and to the Herbarium)

Collecting Plants (How To)

Columbus Celebration, 1992

Columbus Foundation

Committee on Preserved Biological Collections

Concepcion (Chile) Book List

Concepcion Book Order

Concepcion Literature Project

Concepcion Literature Requests

Cooke, Wm. Bridge Library

Correspondence with Franklin Park Conservatory


DePauw Collection

DePauw Gifts (books)

Development Fund

Director’s Correspondence

Endowment (Stuckey)

Ewan Collection (Library)

Expansion Plans


Families of Plants Needed for Herbarium

Family Sequence

Field Trips

Fisher, T. R. Contributions

Floor Plans

Flora of Argentina

Flora of Franklin County


General Information (3 folders)



1994 and 1995

1995 Budget

Pennell-Bullock Correspondence

Permission to Use Plates (from New York Botanical Garden)

Printing Estimate

Flora of Ohio

Friends of Herbarium



Galápagos Islands (Correspondence with Phyllis Bentley)


Geographic Research Center

Gift Correspondence

Gift Shop

Gund Foundation

Hawaii Collections and Labels

Heagle Correspondence

History and Information

Jiles Collections (Flora of Chile)

Journal Exchange

Keating, Richard

Latin America Proposal

Lecture Series









Library Acquisition

Library Collections

Library Collection Development

Library Committee

Library – Duplicate Journals

Library, Journals

Library, Lists and Labels

Library – Memorandum of Understanding (with Main Library)

Library – Potential Acquisition

Library – Proposed Move to West Campus (Scott Hall)

Library – Satellite Libraries

Library – Statistics

Logo Design (Buckeye graphic)

Magnus Photo Project


Marietta College Herbarium

Move to Food Sciences Building

Move to West Campus I (Scott and Bevis Halls)

Move to West Campus II (Scott and Bevis Halls)

Move to Scott/Bevis Halls – Remodeling

Natural Vegetation of Ohio


News Articles

Northern Chile Collection

Oberlin College Herbarium

ODNR Request

Ohio Flora Project

Operations Manual


Peru Specimens

Plant Biology Funding

Plant Pathology Collection

Photographs (Informal)

Rand McNally Geographic Resource Center

Relocation of Biological Sciences Collections to West Campus

Resource Surveys: Kentucky and New Zealand


Rudolph Memorial Fund

Rudolph Lecture (1994)

Rudolph Lecture (1995)

Summer Expedition

Tinker Foundation – Center for International Studies

Crawford administration (1995-1999)

Miscellaneous (College of Biological Sciences, Museum of Biological Diversity, etc.)



AIBS (Meeting of Ohio State, 1987)

ASC (Association of Systematics Collections)

ASPT (American Society of Plant Taxonomists—Archives Committee)

B & Z Floor Plans

B & Z Library

Banks Florilegium

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences – Library Committee

Biology Club at Ohio State

Bold, H. C. – Laboratory Fire (1975, University of Texas)

Botanical Nomenclature

Book Dealer Catalogues

Books for Farmers

Botanical Colloquia

Botanical History

Botanical Society of America

Botany Buildings at Ohio State

Botany Department/Plant Biology Chairman Search Committee

Botany – Experimental Taxonomy Search (1968)

Botany Program Review

Botany Recognition Banquet

Botany Wives (1950s)

Botany Women’s Program Committee

Catalog of Ohio Vascular Plants

Chadwick Arboretum

Check Lists of Plants (various locations)

Clifton Gorge

Collecting Plants

College of Biological Sciences

College of Biological Sciences: Administrative Units and Committees

College of Biological Sciences Curriculum Committee

College of Biological Sciences Honors Program

College of Biological Sciences Executive Committee

College of Biological Sciences Major/Minor Programs

College Entrance Exams

Columbus Naturalist Society

Department of Botany (Miscellaneous Materials)

Department of Botany, Budget

Department of Botany, Curriculum Committee

Department of Botany, Dept. Chair Search

Department of Botany, Directories

Department of Botany, Faculty Meetings (Minutes)

Department of Botany, General Botany Review Committee

Department of Botany, Graduate Student-Faculty Communications

Department of Botany, Graduate Studies Materials

Department of Botany, Lectures

Department of Botany, Memoranda of Understanding

Department of Botany, Promotion and Tenure

Department of Botany, Public Relations

Department of Botany, Research Interests of Graduate Faculty

Department of Botany, Reviews

Department of Botany, Rosters

Department of Botany, Teaching Assignments

Department of Botany, Theses

Dudley Herbarium (Stanford)

Ecology, History and People

EEOB Seminars

Electron Microscope

Faculty Reviews Publication

Fairchild Tropical Garden

Graduate Students

Flora of North America (MAB/FNA)

Gardens of Ohio

History of Science Club

Hueston Woods



International Botanical Congress

John Bryan State Park

Laboratories – Teaching and history

Landscape architecture at OSU

[The] Makio


Missouri Botanical garden

Museum of Biodiversity (Miscellaneous)

Museum of Biodiversity curators meetings

Museum of Biodiversity Heritage Celebration 2005

National Fungus Collection


Ohio Biological Survey

Ohio Biological Surveys – Histories

Ohio Botanical Symposia

Ohio Flora Committee

Ohio Flora – Additions

Organismic and Developmental Biology

OSU Board of Trustees – Proceedings

OSU Board of Trustees – Reports

OSU Campus Maps

OSU Catalogs

OSU Historical Society

OSU Oral History

OSU Trees on Campus

OSU University Bulletins

OSU woodlot (Eckmann)

Ovulary (references to)

Plant Biology (OSU)

Plant Biology – Colloquia

Plant Biology – Directory (Museum of Biological Diversity)

Plant Biology – Faculty Meetings

Plant Biology – Fiscal year (1990-1991)

Plant Biology – recognition banquet

Plant Biology – Social events

Plant Institute (OSU)

Plant Systematics program

Professors’ salaries – article on (1917)

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Rees’s Cyclopedia

Sigma Xi

Sullivant Moss Society

Systematics Association

Systematic Biology at OSU

Systematic Biology Center


Trees (State records)

Vegetation surveys of Ohio

Wall charts





Filing cabinets B and C

Alphabetically ordered set of vertical files on individual botanists, principally from Ohio, but

including many others. These files contain mainly biographic information, but also reprints,

news clippings, photographs, letters, etc.

Abbayes, H. N. des

Adams, A.

Adams, C. C.

Agassiz, L.

Aiken, W. H.

Alban, E. K.

Albin, Mac

Alford, M. H.

Alrutz, R. W.

Anderson, C.

Anderson, D. R.

Anderson, L. E.

Anderson, R. J.

Anderson, W. B.

Anderson, William

Andreas, B. K.

Anliot, S. F.

Archangelsky, S.

Arriagada, J. E.

Arthur, J. C.

Asahina, Y.

Axsmith, B.

Bader, C.

Badillo, V.

Baillon, H.

Balogh, G. R.

Banks, H.

Barkley, T. M.

Barneby, R. C.

Bartholomew, Bruce

Bartholomew, Elizabeth

Bartlett, H. H.

Bartley, F.

Bartram, William and John

Bates, Robert

Bay, J. C.

Bayes, R.

Beardsley, H. C.

Beatley, J. C. – see main collections for additional materials

Bebb, M. S.

Beck, L. C.

Bell, Debbie

Bell, Eric and Pam

Bennington, W. S.

Bentham, George

Berkeley, E.

Berra, T.

Bessey, C. E.

Biddlecome, H. J.

Bierner, M.

Bigelow, J.

Bissell, J.

Blackwell, W. H., Jr.

Blake, S. F.

Blaydes, G. – see main collections for additional materials

Bodley, R. L.

Boerhaave, H.

Boerner, R. E. J.

Boetticher, A. W.

Bogue, E. E.

Bohm, B.

Bohning, R. H.

Boivin, B.

Bonser, T. A.

Boomgarden, W.

Bornet, E.

Bouly de Lesdain, M.

Brandegee, A. L.

Braun, A. F.

Braun, E. L.

Brendel, F.

Britton, E. A.

Britton, N. L.

Brockett, R. E.

Brown, A.

Brown, H. J.

Brown, H. P.

Brunken, J. N.

Burk, W. R.

Bruner, J.

Burley, J. W. A.

Buttles, J.

Cabrera, A. L.

Cain, S. A.

Calland, J. W.

Campbell, L. W.

Camp, W. H. – see main collections for additional materials

Candolle, A.

Canne, Judy

Cantino, P.

Carhart, Macy

Carlquist, Sherwin

Carney, F. J.

Cassini, Comte de

Cavender, J.

Chadwick, L. C.

Chan, A.

Chapman, A. G.

Chapman, A. W.

Chapman, F. B.

Chase, A.

Cheesman, T. F.

Chenevard, P.

Cho, D. S.

Christy, H. R.

Chute, E. H.

Cichan, M. – materials only in map cabinet drawer #1

Clark, J. F.

Classen, E.

Claypole, E. W.

Clewell, Andre

Cline, M.

Clinton, G. P.

Colden, J.

Colinvaux, L.

Colinvaux, P.

Compton, L. A. – see weed seed collection in map cabinet drawer # 1

Conrey, G. W.

Constance, L.

Cooke, J.

Cooke, W. B. – see main collections for additional materials, plus map cabinet drawer # 9

Cooley, G.

Cooper, W. S.

Cooperrider, T. S.

Copeland, E. B.

Core, E. L.

Cosner, M. E.

Cotton, E. C.

Coulter, J. M.

Coville, F. V.

Cowles, H. C.

Coyle, E. A.

Craig, M.

Crawford, D. J. – see main collections for additional materials

Creamer, D. B.

Crisci, J. V.

Crittenden, H. W.

Cronquist, A.

Crosswhite, F. S.

Crovello, T. J.

Crowl, G.

Cruden, R. W.

Cuatrecasas, J.

Cunningham, J. F.

Curtis, P.

Cusick, A. W.

Dachnowski, A.

Dallinger, W. H.

Dambach, C. A.

Daniels, E. R.

Darwin, C.

Davidson, R. S.

Davis, W. M.

Deam, C.

Decker, J.

Degener, O.

Demorest, N. M.

Denny, G.

De Selm, H. R. – see main collections for additional materials

Detmers, F.

Devol, W. S.

DeVore, M.

De Vries, H.

Dickason, F. G.

Dickey, M. G.

Dietrick, L.

Dilcher, D. L.

Diller, O. D.

Dissinger, J. F.

Dobbins, R. A.

Dodge, C. W.

Dorr, Larry

Dresbach, M.

Dufour, A.

Dunbar, C. O.

Duncan, T. O. – see main collections for additional materials

Durrell, L. W.

Duvel, J. W. T.

Eaton, A.

Edwards, L. F.

Elfner, L. E.

Elias, M. K.

Ellett, C. W.

Ellis, W.

Engelman, G.

Engler, A.

Eshbaugh, W. H.

Estabrook, G.

Evans, A. W.

Evans, Kayleen

Evans, L.

Evans, M.

Evans, W.

Everett, T. H.

Ewan, J.

Eyde, R. H.

Ezcurra, C.

Fairchild, D.

Farwell, O. A.

Fassett, N. C.

Fender, A.

Fernald, M. L.

Ferreya, R.

Fink, B.

Fischer, W.

Fisher, Herb

Fisher, Susan

Fisher, T. R.

Flett, J. B.

Floyd, G.

Foote, A. E.

Forsyth, J. L.

Frederick, Clara May

Frederick, J. W.

Frederick, V. R.

Freudenstein, J. V.

Fries, T. M.

Frodin, D. G.

Fulford, M.

Fuller, J. O.

Fulmer, E. L.

Funk, V. A.

Furlow, J. J.

Gara, B. D.

Gardner, Rick

Gardner, R. C.

Garraway, M. O.

Geiger, D. R.

Geitler, L.

Giesey, R. M.

Gilbert, G.

Giles, R. H.

Gilmartin, A. J.

Given, D.

Gleason, H. A.

Glenn, J.

Glenny, F. H. – see additional items in map cabinet, drawer #1

Goldthwaite, R.

Good, E. E.

Goodale, G. L.

Goodrich, S. F.

Gordon, R. B. – see main collections for additional materials

Goslin, C.

Graham, S.

Grau, J.

Gray, A.

Gray, W.

Greimler, J.

Greulach, V. A.

Griggs, R. F. – see main collections for additional materials

Gross, K. L.

Grover, F. O.

Gurney, J.

Hambleton, J. C.

Hamel, A.

Hanf, T.

Harper, M.

Harriman Expedition

Harriman, N. A.

Harris, T. W.

Hartschuh, O. F.

Hawk, R. G.

Haynes, R. R.

Heffner, G. A.

Heimsch, C.

Henderson, N. F.

Hendrix, J. E.

Herdendorf, E.

Herrik, E. M.

Herrik, J. A.

Herter, A. A.

Hesler, L. R.

Heywood, V. H.

Hicks, L. E.

Higby (Budd), J. A.

Hillis-Colinvaux, L.

Hitchcock, A. S.

Hitchcock, C. L.

Hodges, F.

Holbrook, K. A.

Hollick, A.

Holtum, R. E.

Hooker, J. D.

Hoops, H. J.

Hopkins, L. S.

Hoshaw, R. W.

Hough, R. B.

Howard, R. A.

Hubbell, R.

Huet du Pavillon, E.

Huey, J. S.

Humphrey, S. S.

Hyypio, P. A.

Iltis, H.

Irwin, N. M.

Jacobs, W. C.

James, J. F.

Jefferson, T. H.

Jennings, E. H.

Jennings, K.

Jennings, O. E.

Jensen, W. A.

Johnson, T. J. – see main collections for additional materials

Jones, C. – see main collections for additional materials

Jones, Herbert L.

Jones, G. (Oberlin College)

Jones, Wynne (Ross)

Kalinsky, R. G.

Kausel, E.

Kearney, T. H.

Kellerman, K. F. [son of W. A. Kellerman] – see also map cabinet drawer # 2

Kellerman, W. A. – see main collections for additional materials, plus map cabinet drawer # 2

Kellerman, M. [daughter of W. A. Kellerman]

Kellerman, Mrs. W. A. (Stella Victoria Dennis; wife of W. A. Kellerman)

Kellicott, D. S.

Kellough, R. D.

Kennedy, J. F.

Kerr, S. A.

Kim, S.-C.

King, C.

King, R. M.

Kirtland, J. P.

Klikoff, L. G.

Koch, A. R.

Koffler, A. H.

Kormondy, E. J.

Kottman, R. M.

Kral, R.

Kramer, D. W.

Kramer, P. J.

Krebs, Carl

LaDuke, J.

Lammers, T. G.

Lampe, L. – see main collections for additional materials

Lamson-Scribner, F.

Lane, J. E.

Lane, T.

Langlois, T. H.

LaRocque, J. A. A.

Laufersweiler, J.

Laughlin, E. E.

Lawrence, G. H. M.

Lawrey, J. D.

Lawton, E.

Laylock, W.

Lazenby, W. R.

Lea, T. J.

Le Conte, J.

Leister, G.

Lellinger, D. B.

Leonard, J.

Leonard, M.

Les, D. H.

Li, L. C.

Lewis, L. A.

Lilly, P.

Liming, [initial?]

Lipscomb, B.

Little, E. L., Jr.

Livingston, B. E.

Lloyd, C. G.

Long, R. W.

López-Sepúlveda, P.

Lorenz, R. C.

Lowden, R. M. – see main collections for additional materials

Lubrecht, Harry and Anne

Mabry, T. J.

Macmillan, A. M.

Magnusson, A. H.

Maheshwari, P.

Mahr, A. C.

Marie-Victorin, R. F.

Mark, C. G.

Markle, M. S.

Marsh, J.

Martin, E.

Martin, W.

Masser, I. E.

Matfield, J.

Mayr, E.

McAvoy, B.

McClintock, B.

McClure, F. A.

McCormac, J. S.

McCormick, J.

McElfresh, J.

McQuate, A. G.

McVaugh, R.

Menon, S. K.

Mexia, Y.

Meyer, B. S. – see main collections for additional materials

Mickle, J. E.

Millardet, P.-M.-A.

Miller, C. E.

Miller, E. M.

Miller, Harvey A.

Miller, Helena A.

Mitchell, E. M.

Mitchell, S. L.

Mitra, S. K.

Moldenke, Alma

Moldenke, H. N.

Moore, D. M.

Moran, N.

Morgan, A. P.

Morse, W. C.

Morton, J.

Moseley, E. L.

Moseley, R. E.

Munz, P. A.

Murdoch, F.

Murray, D. G.

Naskali, R. J.

Naville, L.

Nelson, A.

Nesom, G.

Nevling, L.

Newberry, J.

Niederhofer, R.

Noblick, L.

Nordenstam, B.

Norlindh, T.

Norris, F. H.

Norweb, R. H.

Nuttall, T.

Nylander, W.

Ochoa, C.

O’Kane, W. C.

Olive, J.

O’Neal, C. E.

Oppenheimer, J. R.

Ornduff, R.

Ortega, J. C.

Orton, E.

Osborn, H.

Osborn, R. C.

Osbourne, J.

Overholt, L. O.

Pacheco, Patricia

Paddock, E. F. – see main collections under Paddock for records of Northern Garden Club of


Pammel, L. H.

Parrot, G. H.

Pennell, F. W.

Penrose, R. A. F.

Perry, E. B.

Peskin, P.

Philbrick, C. T.

Phillips, W. L.

Pilatowski, R.

Pinkava, D. J.

Pittier, H.

Pfiester, L. A.

Platt, R. S., Jr.

Popham, R. – see main collections for additional materials

Porter, H. L.

Potzger, J. E.

Powell, M.

Price, B.

Pulle, A.

Putnam, L.

Racine, C. H.

Radford, A. E.

Rafinesque, C.

Raghavan, V.

Ramey, R.

Ransier, H. E.

Räsänen, V.

Rathke, D. E.

Raven, P. H.

Reeder, J.

Reinking, M. F.

Reynolds, J.

Rickett, H. W.

Riddle, L. C.

Rigg, G. B.

Riley, C. V.

Rindos, D.

Roberts, M.

Robinson, B. L.

Rodgers, A. D., III

Rogers, D. P.

Rollins, R. C.

Romans, R. C.

Rosile, P. A.

Rossbach, G. B.

Rudolph, A.

Rudolph, E. D. – see main collections for additional materials, plus map cabinet drawer # 10

Roth, C.

Ruiz, E. A.

Runnels, H. A.

Rypma, R. B.

Rzedowski, J.

Sack, F.

Sampson, H. C. – see main collections for additional materials

Sang, T.

Sayre, J. D.

Sayre, R.

Schaal, B.

Schaffner, J. H. – see main collections for additional materials; see also map cabinet drawers # 2

and 3

Schipp, W. A.

Schmidely, A.

Schmitt, J.

Schneider, C. A.

Schuer, H. W.

Schofield, Edmund

Schofield, Eileen

Schopf, J.

Schultz, C. H.

Schuyler, A. E.

Schweinitz, L. D.

Schwendener, S.

Scofield, H. T.

Scott, W. L.

Sculthorpe, C. D.

Sears, P. B.

Segelken, J. G.

Sells, W.

Seymour, R.

Shanks, R. E.

Shantz, H. L.

Sharp, A. J.

Sharp, E. K. (Dooris)

Shaw, H.

Sheets, V. T.

Shimp, E. H.

Shinners, L. H.

Short, C. W.

Showman, R. E.

Shreve, F.

Sigafoos, R. S.

Simpson, B. B.

Skvarla, J. J.

Slingerland, M. V.

Smith, A. C.

Smith, B. A.

Smith. E. F.

Smith, J.

Smith, T.

Smyth, L. C. (Riddle)

Snow, A.

Snyder, R. E.

Spence, E. J. (Edmondson)

Spooner, D. M.

Stebbins, G. L., Jr.

Steere, W. C.

Stevens, E. L.

Stevens, F. L.

Stevens, O. A.

Stevenson, D.

Stickney, M. E.

Stiver, B. L.

Stockberger, W. W.

Stodder, C.

Stone, Mary

Stover, E. L.

Stover, W. G.

Stratton, R.

Stuckey, Darwin

Stuckey, R. L. – see main collections for additional materials, plus map cabinet drawer # 9

Stuessy, T. F. – see main collections for additional materials

Sullivant, E. G. (Wheeler)

Sullivant, W. S.

Sun, B.-Y.

Sundberg, S.

Swanson, C. A.

Sweeney, R. A.

Swingle, W. T.

Tackholm, V.

Tadesse, M.

Taft, C. – see main collections for additional materials

Taft, C. E.

Tai, W.

Talbot, F.

Taylor, E.

Taylor, M. A.

Taylor, T. N.

Taylor-Lehman, J.

Thieret, J. W.

Thomas, E. S.

Thompson, H. C.

Thompson, I.

Thut, H. F.

Tiffany, L. H. – see main collections for additional materials

Tight, W. G.

Tomb, S.

Torrey, J.

Townshend, N. S.

Transeau, E. N. – see main collections for additional materials

Trelease, W.

Tremetsberger, K.

Troutman, K. R.

True, H. L.

Tuckerman, E.

Turner, B. L.

Tyler, F. J.

Tyler, H. G. (Burr)

Tyrrell, L. E.

Underwood, L. M.

Valentine, B. D.

Van Steenis, C. G. G. J.

Verduin, J.

Vermillion, M. T.

Verrill, A. E.

Vestal, A. G.

Vickers, E. W.

Vincent, M. A.

Vorys, A. I.

Voss, E.

Wagner, T.

Wagner, W. H.

Wallace, A. R.

Waller, A. E. – see main collections for additional materials

Walter, T.

Ward, J. W.

Warmbrodt, R. T.

Wareham, R.

Waterman, A. H. (Mrs. E. D. Rudolph)

Watson, S.

Waugh, P. E. W.

Webb, R.

Wehrmeister, J. R.

Weisgerber, H. W.

Weishaupt, C. – see main collections for additional materials

Welch, W. H.

Wells, J.

Wen, J.

Went, F. W.

Wentz, W. A.

Werblan, D.

Werner, W. C.

Werthner, W. B.

Wetmore, C. M.

Wharton, G. W.

Wherry, E. J.

White, G. W.

Whitfield, R. P.

Whitkus, R.

Wiesner, J.

Wilcox, E. M.

Wilder, P. (Wickliff)

Williams, C. G.

Williams, P. E. (Waugh)

Willard, C. J.

Willey, H.

Wistendahl, W.

Wolfe, A.

Wolfe, J. N. – see main collections for additional materials

Wood, Alfonso

Wood, R. D.

Wright, A. A.

Wu, Peng-Cheng

Yoder, L.

York, H. H.

Young, D. C.

Young, H. C.

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Zech, J. C.